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If you haven’t read this yet there is “Ten things” that has being guide the actions for Google’s team since their beginning let me list them:

  1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.
  2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
  3. Fast is better than slow.
  4. Democracy on the web works.
  5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.
  6. You can make money without doing evil.
  7. There’s always more information out there.
  8. The need for information crosses all borders.
  9. You can be serious without a suit.
  10. Great just isn’t good enough.

First at all you need to read the full article here:

after you read that article I want to share my insights:

I use google products because they have user oriented products, if we go back to 1998 I was using since I try google never use it again (well maybe a couple of times to search music using their feature) but since then my primary search engine has been google, I use google maps to verify address, google voice to text with my cousin on California, I use their products because works great and they are helpful, I think that meet the first 3 points on the list. But point number six call my attention you can make money without doing evil, that’s so important I have hear many times these phrases: “Business is Business” or “Is not personal is just business” or “This is business you can’t have friends here” those phrases sounds too old school but in a wrong old way, that’s why I embrace Google’s philosophy, other point that is following this new way to think is: You can be serious without a suit, is amazing how this work now, I remember 10 years ago I wear a suit and tie everyday, Is nice wear a suit but wear everyday? I think that is not necessary use all the time, clothes don’t make you more productive or less productive, don’t confuse the concepts you need to look in good shape, clean and have a nice self-presentation but no all the time wear a suit, that really means is keep a casual environment, where you and your collaborators felt comfortable to express new ideas, test them and in the best scenery launch the product from those ideas to the world.

To conclude the last idea is not conforming: Great just isn’t good enough, really most of the successful persons that I know have this characteristic looking always for the perfection and always keep moving forward.

With this complete my post: Try to learn and apply the good methods in your life and your work!

Thanks for read my blog, I hope you enjoin it!

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