add ons for firefox

add ons for firefox 9

FireFox 9 is a great web browser for developers due the add ons that you can use to test your sites.

I use a great add on to generate entire snap shots of the web page, but with the new versions of FireFox I notice a compatibility issue, I dig a little bit on this and let my share my findings:

I take the idea of modify the add on by myself on this page: ScreenGrab For FireFox 8 main idea is:

The core of the plugin still functions, so all I did was update the install manifest to be accepted by all current versions of FF.

Since I don’t trust in no official version of software I did a research how to update the install manifest by my self.

Only that you need is download the add on

after that you need to unzip the package.
now you should able to find install.rdf file
edit the section:
"em:maxVersion 10"

Please note that you should enter the latest version of firefox or superior.

We’re almost done, to complete the process you need to zip the package again, I take a while find the information how to do that in MS Windows, but all what you need to do is build script using 7-Zip

I rather use 7-Zip for this process follow the steps described, build your script replacing the name on your extension:
set x=screengrab-0.96.3-fx

finally run your build.bat file and that’s it you should be generated successfully you updated version of this add on.


Install and enjoy!