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This is the 4th time that I celebrate thnksgiving day my understanding of this celebration is share with family and friends, that thinking is really cool and also goes beyond any religion and now due the comunications beyond borders. The reason why I start to celebrate is for labor reasons because american culture is part […]

Google Voice en español

Google Voice fue lanzado el 11 de Marzo de 2009 por Google pero este servicio ya existia, originalmente fue desarrollado por una compañia llamada GrandCentral a partir de ese momento muchos cambios se hicieron sobre todo orientado a la integración con los productos de google, pueden dar seguimiento a la evolución de google voice en […]

Android Tethering

Hi, I want to share this tethering method for Android OS you need to download this app: and you can follow the suggestions on the official site I’m sure that you will be able to find more information in English because I did, so for that reason I’ll continue my post in Español, dont […]



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