add ons for firefox

add ons for firefox 9

FireFox 9 is a great web browser for developers due the add ons that you can use to test your sites.

I use a great add on to generate entire snap shots of the web page, but with the new versions of FireFox I notice a compatibility issue, I dig a little bit on this and let my share my findings:

I take the idea of modify the add on by myself on this page: ScreenGrab For FireFox 8 main idea is:

The core of the plugin still functions, so all I did was update the install manifest to be accepted by all current versions of FF.

Since I don’t trust in no official version of software I did a research how to update the install manifest by my self.

Only that you need is download the add on

after that you need to unzip the package.
now you should able to find install.rdf file
edit the section:
"em:maxVersion 10"

Please note that you should enter the latest version of firefox or superior.

We’re almost done, to complete the process you need to zip the package again, I take a while find the information how to do that in MS Windows, but all what you need to do is build script using 7-Zip

I rather use 7-Zip for this process follow the steps described, build your script replacing the name on your extension:
set x=screengrab-0.96.3-fx

finally run your build.bat file and that’s it you should be generated successfully you updated version of this add on.


Install and enjoy!

I’m 46% addicted to Twitter

How addicted to Twitter are you?

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Today at the Google IO was release the first beta version of Angry Birds for Chrome you can download here Angry Birds for Chrome beta

A few hours later (like 3 hours) was “hacked” you can found full articles here:
Developer page (Wes Bos)
Site where I read the article for the first time (The next web)

I try the hack refered on the last site and found a big issue after you try the reverse code the game is “locked” after review the code I found the issue let me share my findings:

First level is locked so you need copy and paste the code below on the browser and you should be able to play without issues 😉

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=0) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'0'); i++; } window.location.reload();

but after check on the develop´s site (@Wesbos) he even solve more efficient the issue but I think that can help you to figure it out how works and make some other variations like unlock all the leves without any stars :)

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'0'); i++; } window.location.reload();

If you want to learn how to build success apps like Angry Birds check this site: Google's new guide to the app galaxy

Thanks for read, and I hope enjoy this great app on your browser ;)

Google Philosophy

Google Guatemala Independence Doodle
If you haven’t read this yet there is “Ten things” that has being guide the actions for Google’s team since their beginning let me list them:

  1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.
  2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
  3. Fast is better than slow.
  4. Democracy on the web works.
  5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.
  6. You can make money without doing evil.
  7. There’s always more information out there.
  8. The need for information crosses all borders.
  9. You can be serious without a suit.
  10. Great just isn’t good enough.

First at all you need to read the full article here:

after you read that article I want to share my insights:

I use google products because they have user oriented products, if we go back to 1998 I was using since I try google never use it again (well maybe a couple of times to search music using their feature) but since then my primary search engine has been google, I use google maps to verify address, google voice to text with my cousin on California, I use their products because works great and they are helpful, I think that meet the first 3 points on the list. But point number six call my attention you can make money without doing evil, that’s so important I have hear many times these phrases: “Business is Business” or “Is not personal is just business” or “This is business you can’t have friends here” those phrases sounds too old school but in a wrong old way, that’s why I embrace Google’s philosophy, other point that is following this new way to think is: You can be serious without a suit, is amazing how this work now, I remember 10 years ago I wear a suit and tie everyday, Is nice wear a suit but wear everyday? I think that is not necessary use all the time, clothes don’t make you more productive or less productive, don’t confuse the concepts you need to look in good shape, clean and have a nice self-presentation but no all the time wear a suit, that really means is keep a casual environment, where you and your collaborators felt comfortable to express new ideas, test them and in the best scenery launch the product from those ideas to the world.

To conclude the last idea is not conforming: Great just isn’t good enough, really most of the successful persons that I know have this characteristic looking always for the perfection and always keep moving forward.

With this complete my post: Try to learn and apply the good methods in your life and your work!

Thanks for read my blog, I hope you enjoin it!

By the way I would like read your comments I’m trying new facebook comments plugin so don’t be shy and share with your friends 🙂



This is the 4th time that I celebrate thnksgiving day my understanding of this celebration is share with family and friends, that thinking is really cool and also goes beyond any religion and now due the comunications beyond borders.

The reason why I start to celebrate is for labor reasons because american culture is part of the companies that I have been work.

I want use my blog to be thank full to God, my family, my girlfriend and friends,

I just want to share a pumpkin pie with all you.

The pics above are an interesting example of how the cultures can merge.

Ayote en miel (honey and pumpkin)

I hope that you enjoy this day as I did.

By the way I wrote this post from my android’s app wordpress 1.3.8


Geek & Pop Culture Music


Los bep están por sacar un nuevo disco el próximo 30 de noviembre, este lleva por nombre The beginning

Como lo pueden ver el arte del disco esta basado en gráficos en 8 Bits muy bien hechos me gustan las sombras que pusieron para darle un efecto 3D

El primer sencillo de este nuevo album se llama The Time (Dirty Bit) y la imagen que lo representa es un reloj en 8 bits, se me hizo familiar asi que la busque en mi sitio favorito para comprar Geek Stuffs 😀 y encontré este precioso reloj que combina perfecto con mi corbata 😉

8-bit watch
Es interesante ver como la cultura geek se ha integrado a la cultura Pop y les puedo decir que ser geek is so cool!

Google Voice en español

Google Voice fue lanzado el 11 de Marzo de 2009 por Google pero este servicio ya existia, originalmente fue desarrollado por una compañia llamada GrandCentral a partir de ese momento muchos cambios se hicieron sobre todo orientado a la integración con los productos de google, pueden dar seguimiento a la evolución de google voice en su blog: ayi podrán encontrar mucha información (en inglés) acerca de que es y como funciona google voice pueden ver que es google voice en este video:

Es muy flexible lo puedes manejar desde el sitio puedes instalar el plugin para el navegador de tu computadora (google chrome), recientemente hicieron un par de mejoras para Gmail donde puedes realizar llamadas directamente de tu email y escuchar tus mensajes de voz en tu email también y finalmente puedes accesar a Voice desde tu móvil por medio de la aplicación pueden encontrar más información en el sitio móvil de google

Decidi escribir este post por que no veo mucha información de google voice en español sobre todo por que actualmente solo es válido en EEUU asi que decidi difundir un poco acerca de esta excelente alternativa de telefonía IP.

La mejor alternativa para mi es la opción de Android + Google Voice la aplicación te permite manejar tus mensajes de texto y voz de una manera integral

google voice app

Debido a mi interés en android y mi gusto por este sistema operativo para móviles y sip debido a que es otro producto de google decidi continuar mis impresiones acerca de esta poderasa fución en un nuevo blog dedicado exclusivamente a explorar y compartir cosas útiles e interesantes acerca de esto que veo puede convertirse en el SO estándar de los moviles y por que no de las futuras PC.

😉 saludos!

Android Tethering

Android Tethering

Android Tethering

Hi, I want to share this tethering method for Android OS you need to download this app:

and you can follow the suggestions on the official site

I’m sure that you will be able to find more information in English because I did, so for that reason I’ll continue my post in Español, dont misunderstand me I love speak and write in english but I cant found more information in spanish so is the way that I can contribute to share this info to all.

Ahora podemos continuar en español :D, vamos con algunas ideas sencillas, como ¿Que es Tethering? en mis palabras te puedo decir que es compartir la conexión de internet [Conexión 3G en la mayoría de los casos] con tu computadora portátil o tu desktop.

¿Como hacerlo? Para realizar esta útil tarea necesitas cumplir con algunos requisitos:

  • Mobil con Android 1.5 o posterior
  • PC con windows XP o Vista // No ha sido probado en Windows 7
  • Descargar e Instalar en Android la aplicación Internet Sharer
  • Descargar e Instalar en Windows el Android SDK
  • Cable USB // Para conectar to móvil con el PC

Para instalar la aplicación en tu móvil puedes usar el QR code que aparece en el inicio del post [en la parte de inglés] y usar el link para descargarlo sino sencillamente utiliza el buscador del market y busca por Internet sharer.

Para instalar el Android SDK puedes visitar el Sitio de Android Developers descarga el sdk para el sistema operativo que uses.

Ejecuta el archivo SDK Setup.exe y este debera de desplegar el Android SDK and AVD Manager,

Busca en paquetes disponibles [available packages] por USB Driver Package y descargalo.

En el teléfono activa la opción de “USB Debugging” depuración USB en esta dirección:
Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging (Tick)
Configuración, Aplicaciones, Desarrollo, marca depuración USB.

Conecta tu teléfono por medio del cable usb a tu computador.

Instala el driver (ADB ) para Windows.

Abre una ventana de comando (inicio, ejecutar, cmd)
Busca el folder tools (herramientas) en el folder del sdk.
Escribe: adb forward tcp:1080 tcp:1080
Configura tu navegador y aplicaciones que utilizan el proxy para conectarse:
Localhost port 1080

IMPORTANTE: yo he utilizado el puerto 8080 para hacerlo funcionar.

Espero que les sea de utilidad!

This is my first post from my Android, its a great tool was a little bit crazy set up but now Im so happy to post on my blog from the Android by the way is the best smart phone that I’ve use.

see ya and thanks for read my blog,


Metallica in Guatemala City

This post is too heavy for you… Do you want heavy? I´ll give you heavy



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